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The YouTube Videos That Took Three Months To Upload

Yes, that’s right! I filmed two YouTube videos THREE months ago and have tried to upload them from my computer at home on several occasions and it’s failed each time. I tried on a Mac and it worked first time. No idea what was going on there, but anyway, I’m pleased it finally worked as […]

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Outfit Post: Disco Pants and Crop Top with Purple Make Up

Ok, so this is something I thought would never happen! Me wearing American Apparel  Disco Pants AND a crop top, in PUBLIC and not as a joke. Seriously, three months ago this is totally the type of outfit that would a.) terrify me and b.) would be the subject of ridicule from me and here […]

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Oriflame Neo Chic Lipstick in Bright Pink Review and Swatch

I’m totally in a lipstick mood at the moment. Usually my make up is all about the eyes, I love eyeliner flicks and experimenting with bright colours, but at the moment it’s totally the other way around. I’m all about lipstick right now. Here’s another review for you of another current favourite. This time it’s […]

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Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Oil Review

As I continue to mention, I’m pretty rubbish when it comes to styling hair, I wish I was better as I would love to be able to do vintage style up dos and waves. Last week I went to a Bumble and Bumble event with Smashbox and had my hair done in the most perfect […]

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Lime Crime Poisonberry Opaque Lipstick in Poisonberry Review

As my regular readers will know I am a huge fan of American make up brand, Lime Crime. Yes, there’s loads of controversy around the brand its founder, but at the end of the day the products on their own are fantastic quality and super different from anything else on the market. I’m a huge […]

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Mahogany Hairdressing Hanover Square London Review

I was in serious need of a haircut this month. I have been colouring my hair myself for about two months now, putting all sorts of shades of red and orange on my hair and even trimming my own fringe. My DIY fringe trimming had caught the attention and annoyance of quite a few hair […]

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Personal Blog: Sacrifices and New Adventures

So much has happened over the past few months, since I separated from my husband ( together for nine years and married for three!) It’s been a life changing experience. I’ve been pondering how much I should share online about the experience, but have realised that I have a story to tell that will hopefully […]

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Illamasqua Paranormal Palette Review with Swatches

You all know how much I heart Illamasqua right? Well, from the new collection, my favourite thing I’ve tried so far is by far the Paranormal Palette, a quad of four mystical shades of a formula that I’ve never seen before. The compact is the usual gloss black compact with a large mirror and imprinted […]

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Stupid blog post title, I know. Couldn’t resist. And here’s my inspiration… So, I’ve not blogger properly for ages, so just wanted to do a quick blog post to let you know what it going on with me, as there’s been a lot going on. I’m not usually one to overshare or post about personal […]

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Ilamasqua Paranormal Collection Lipstick in Posture Review

So we all know that Illamasqua can be a bit eccentric from time to time, in fact I would hope that it why so many people love them. I know that is why I love them. So, when the new collection includes two new purple lipsticks it’s not really a surprise, but when one of […]

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