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Vintage Kellogg’s Beauty Gifts from Tesco

Back to normal today with a old school beauty review. This year I’m not sure I’ll be celebrating Christmas, at least not in a conventional sense. But nonetheless it’s always fun to see the cute, fun and glamorous products and gifts that pop up in time for the festive period and here’s one that caught […]

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My Day as a Special K Billboard Model…

Yes, really. I honestly never thought I would be saying that. When I was approached by the lovely team at Kellogg’s to get involved with their new campaign for Special K, I very nearly said no. I’m not a diet fan, I’m fortunate that I’m generally happy with my figure and believe that everything should […]

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Philip Armstrong Kellogg’s Tony the Tiger Scarf for Charity

Ok, so a few weeks ago I received a mysterious email from Kellogg’s, at first I was very confused, thinking they must have missed the pun in my blog title and assuming that I was a food blog again! But, surprisingly, they were email me because of something fashion related! I’ve been intrigued and excited since the […]

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