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Outfit Post: Disco Pants and Crop Top with Purple Make Up

Ok, so this is something I thought would never happen! Me wearing American Apparel  Disco Pants AND a crop top, in PUBLIC and not as a joke. Seriously, three months ago this is totally the type of outfit that would a.) terrify me and b.) would be the subject of ridicule from me and here […]

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Lady Luck Rules Ok Returns For Solo Project: Thrift-ola!

I am so excited about this! As some may know, jewellery and accessory brand Lady Luck Rules Ok closed down last year. It was a sad loss, as they produced beautiful kitsch, customised, cute jewellery that was great value and excellent quality. After the brand stopped trading there was a few months in which its […]

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Knitted Out

I love knitted things, it is such a traditional craft, associated with grandma’s knitting tacky jumpers and tea cosies. I learnt to knit last Summer, it took me ages to get a hang of it and to this day I have not managed to do anything other than straight lines, therefore limiting me to scarves! This […]

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