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Finding Your Niche…

Do I even fit into just one niche? Should I have to fit into just one category? It’s something that will be on the minds of so many of us at one point or another whether in relation to your blog, your social life, a business idea or within your career whatever that might be. When you’re not settled on where you fit into the bigger picture it can cause a hell of a lot of anxiety and frustration, but is this need to comply to a set of rules/conventions necessary to success?

Jake the Brick, just Jake from Adventure Time chilling being a brick and fitting in

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Cheerful cloud prints from Cath Kidston…

I can feel the weather changing, Spring is finally here and it’s making me smile. Less layers, brighter days and longer daylight hours and planning for adventures and beach barbecues. The SS15 Cath Kidston catalogue landed on my doorstep this morning and this one particular collection really summed up how I was feeling today. Bright, cheerful and happy.

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Gaining Weight…

Following on from the super lame New Year’s Resolutions post which was mega clichéd and predictable I thought I’d write another personal post about something new that’s going on in my life, weight gain! Gaining Weight for the First Time For as long as I can remember I’ve pretty much been the same shape and […]

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2015 New Years Resolutions and Goals

We brought in the New Year with a good old sleep, due to recovering from an unexpected hangover after New Years Eve Eve pub going with some of our awesome Brighton friends, kinda killed any chance of much happening on actual New Years Eve, along with the fact of us not having an money and […]

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Things That Happened in 2013

2013 has been a weird year. So much has happened, so much has changed and I’ve grown a lot, for the better. As the year comes to a close I thought it would be a good idea to write up a little review of the year in terms of my personal journey. This time last […]

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Tea Smith, Spitalfields Market, Shoreditch, London

I love having a wander around Spitalfields Market, there’s always something interesting going on and lots of retail temptations. There’s plenty of awesome places to eat too, but want if you just fancy a cuppa? Well, I’ve just discovered a very chilled Japanese inspired tea shop on the market, which is perfect for a chilled […]

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Things That Have Happened This Year

This year has honestly been mental. It’s been the year for so much change and for so much personal growth, I’ve had a lot of upset and a lot of happiness and achieved a lot of things small and big. Back in June I wrote a list of things that I had done for the […]

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Personal Blog: Turning 25…

Holy moly, so much has happened in the past months, if you don’t know what’s going on, first off I ask you to read my previous blog post which will get you up to speed on the going on in my ever changing life. Tomorrow I turn 25, yes that is still young, but it’s […]

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Five Kitsch Vintage Style Wallpapers

Here’s another different from me, I’m trying to get back to the original theme of my blog, where I would write about anything that I liked from any category, not just beauty. I’ve been visiting my Mum this weekend and she’s currently in the process of redecorating parts of her house, so have been helping […]

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The Alternative Girls Night In Movie Watching List

Do you prefer a girls night in or a girls night out? In a survey by Ladbrokes Bingo, which polled women across the UK about their Girl’s Night habits, almost 70% said that they would prefer a night in to a night out. Many stating issues with the high prices of venue entry and drinks […]

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