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Bondi Bather Launches in the UK with International Modelling Competition

So, apparently it’s Summer right now in the UK? It might not look or feel like it, but I’m sure many of you will be planning on making the most of the opportunity to get into your swimwear and shorts and hit a festival or a beach somewhere looking stylish. Sadly, I won’t be. However, […]

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My Day as a Special K Billboard Model…

Yes, really. I honestly never thought I would be saying that. When I was approached by the lovely team at Kellogg’s to get involved with their new campaign for Special K, I very nearly said no. I’m not a diet fan, I’m fortunate that I’m generally happy with my figure and believe that everything should […]

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Style Interview: Frankii Wilde

This is hopefully the first of many style interviews, that I hope to conduct with people I have connections with and also maybe with some new connections. Whilst I was at University I specialised in Photography and worked with a lot of Burlesque dancers and Pin-up models, to complete a project about The History of […]

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