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Models Own Festival Blue Skies Cloud Nail Art

Here’s a new nail polish shade from Models Own which I’m just loving at the moment, it’s part of their Festival collection and if you’re looking for fun brights and great quality for a reasonable price, you deffo need to check it out.

models own festival blue skies nail polish review and swatch uv glow colour jayne kitsch jayne robinson

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models own sticky fingers review red comic book stickers review and swatch beauty blog jayne kitsch

Models Own Sticky Fingers Comic Book Nail Art Review

I’ve been mega slow at blogging this last few weeks, so I’m sure you’ve all already seen these new beauties from Models Own and maybe even got your mitts on them yourself. Anyway, when they turned up I definitely squeed, these looked like the cutest things that Models Own have ever released. Here’s three of […]

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Models Own Banger and Marc Jacobs Enamored Blue Glitter Nails

Hello! Here’s a beauty post, I know it’s been a while, life has been weird and I’m sure I’ll share some of that with you very soon. I’ve got some plans in mind for some new LOL-worthy content too, which I look forward to bringing to you. Here’s what I’m wearing on my nails this […]

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Models Own Turkish Delight and Banger Nails

It’s been a while since I did a simple nail post, so here’s one for you. A while back I was sent some of the Models Own Fireworks polishes, I’m not usually into these chunky glitter polishes, but in the interest of being a good blogger, I thought I’d give them a go. Banger is […]

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Beauty News: Models Own Launch Artstix Cover It Paint It Duo Polish

I do love Models Own, totally my favourite high street beauty brand and they really have been excelling themselves in their recent launches and the latest addition to their beautiful nail polish bunch is truly excellent. Following in the footsteps of Revlon, Models Own are releasing clever nail duos under the name Models Own Artstix […]

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Beauty News: Models Own Fruit Pastel Collection

OMG! I got a little over excited by this image when I spotted it on the Models Own Facebook page. Their latest launch is right up my street, a range a pretty pastels with adorable food inspired names that are also scented! This ticks so many boxes for me; it’s Models Own, check; it’s pastel […]

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Frosty Nails With Models Own Swatches

There’s been tons of festive nail art going around this Winter, it’s been great fun. However, as you will know I’m totally pants at nail art, so decided to experiment with layering instead to create my Festive Nails. I love blue nails, so started off with a coat of Filthy Gorgeous in Air Kiss, whilst […]

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Elegant Touch Envy Wraps Bling Review

I’ve been getting out more lately, trying to make the most of opportunities and getting into Central London as often as I can. I’ve had enough of acting middle aged, so want to start making the most of life in general. Anyway, that’s a bit deep for the start of a nail review right? Anyway, […]

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Models Own Top Turquoise Nail Polish

I’ve been uber busy this week, so not had much time for blogging or my usual scheduling, plus I’ll be away over the weekend working at a tradeshow in Harrogate, which I’m super excited about. So if I’m quiet for a bit that is why! Anyway, here’s a quick nail polish post, this is Models […]

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Pretty Pastel Pearly Nails

So earlier in the week I thought I would have a go at marbled nails, so I got this stuff set up ready to try out the water and nail paint for marble effect, within about 1 minute I got bored of the mess and the faff and decided on a simpler style. I used […]

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