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Jayne’s Pick of Monsoon Fusion A/W 2011

If you haven’t already spotted the Fusion collection in Monsoon, you’re missing out! As with Hobbs NW3 and Boutique by Jaeger, the Monsoon Fusion collection takes the quality and design used in it’s mainline and rethinks them to appeal to a younger, quirkier audience. Normally I’m not a massive Monsoon fan, but this season I’ve […]

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What Would Emma Pilsbury Wear?

This post is inspired by this blog that I found, that goes by the above name, here’s the link: http://wwepw.blogspot.com/ It’s referring to the character Emma Pilsbury from the TV show Glee, if you don’t already know that! Here she is, isn’t she lovely? Plus she’s a red head which makes her even lovelier! Anyway she’s […]

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