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What I learnt from being on tour with punks…

As most of you will know my boyfriend, Miz is in a band and has been in various bands for a very long time. He goes on mini tours about once a month and gigs around the UK frequently. His latest incarnation of his band is a three piece meaning that whenever they go on tour there’s no space in the car for me so I’ve never been on tour with them. This year, Miz started pursuing some acoustic stuff under the Larkhill name and this weekend I had my first experience of being on tour and thought it’d be interesting to blog about as it’s not something everyone will have experienced and was certainly very illuminating and fun! Now, just bear with me whilst I write this currently being the most tired I’ve ever been.

Miz 1a

My Miz playing acoustic as Larkhill

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#CurrentlyListeningTo Playlist for you…

Here’s a little something different for today and something heavily influenced by my lovely Miz and my Dad. I told my Dad that I would send him some names of bands and films that he should check out. I’ll do a film one another day, but thought this would be a fitting way to share some of the songs I’m currently listening to.


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Outfit Post: Blue Gingham and Red Accessories from New Look

New Look got in touch recently to ask me to create my own take on a festival fashion look, this is my first of  a couple of looks that I’ll be putting together using mostly New Look clothing and inspired by the Grunge and Punk eras of festival fashion, taken from the awesome New Look […]

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Outfit Post: David & Golaith T-shirt and House of Holland Tights

So, I just moved house. I’m now in a temporary place until I get organised to move in with my friend. Moving house sucks, I pretty much spent most of my time thinking of any possible way to avoid doing the things that I needed to do. One of the things I ended up doing […]

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