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Shoe Heaven!

I had to write this blog to report back on one amazing shoe find this week and also one shoe purchase this week which I would certainly describe as perfect shoes, for two completely separate reasons. First off, check out the latest Vivienne Westwood Melissa design, Lady Dragon’s with cherries!! So super cute and in […]

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Knitted Out

I love knitted things, it is such a traditional craft, associated with grandma’s knitting tacky jumpers and tea cosies. I learnt to knit last Summer, it took me ages to get a hang of it and to this day I have not managed to do anything other than straight lines, therefore limiting me to scarves! This […]

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Getting Married!

So yes, my first proper post. I’m getting married next year, lots of people are surprised since we’re only 21, however we’ve been together nearly 5 years, have lived together over 3 years and totally, completely in love and a perfect match. I think people are surprised because we are so young, but really in the […]

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