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Revisiting the issue of ‘real women’ and body shaming…

I was not expecting to wake up and see the start of London Fashion Week kick off with a social media storm created by a stupid body shaming campaign.

A plus sized clothing brand has set up a bird watching hut outside London Fashion Week for #SkinnyBirdWatching, in an attempt to point out that the model size 6 is not what ‘real women’ are. What they actually did is create a body shaming campaign which just insults women of all sizes. Would they think that #FatBirdWatching would have been acceptable? No, it’s not, so why is it OK for them to use slim women as a target of ridicule?


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Are You a Real Woman?

I really hate the term ‘real woman’, it’s basically a term that seems to categorise women who aren’t professional model build, generally over a size 14, curvy and usually short. I’ve just gone on a rant about this, having seen a brand do a shout out for models of a size 8-10 and over 5’9 […]

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