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Baukjen Black Ruched Jersey Dress with Black Milk Mermaid Leggings in Limited Green with Red or Dead Multi Strap Black Shoes and Janine Basil Nyan Cat Headband and Pixel Heart Necklace on Jayne Kitsch with Orange Hair

Outfit Post: Baukjen, Janine Basil and Black Milk Mermaid Legs

Hooray for another proper outfit post photo set thanks to the awesome Miz! And yes, no natural day light required because I’ve got a flash gun and a white wall for epic photo-ness with minimal effort and without the fear of freezing my ass off on the streets of Shoreditch. This is my outfit from […]

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Jayne’s April Wish List

Ahhh it’s been a long while since I did an old fashioned wish list post. I think now is a good time considering all of the crazy things that have been going on, I really deserve a treat on pay day this month and there have been lots of things that I have caught my […]

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Retro Blue Floral Outfit Ideas

In my mission to feature more fashion, I’m pleased to bring you another Polyvore board from me. This outfit is something I pulled together around this fab, blue floral dress from Louche at Joy, a range that I’m completely in love with at the minute. There are so many nice pieces in the range. Instead […]

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I <3 Blue Shoes

This is a new regular feature for Jayne’s Kitschen, to help my add some variety to my blog, I’m going to start featuring more fashion items. Now, I’ll never be a fashion blogger on the pure fact that I am super careful with my money and rarely buy new things, if I did outfit of […]

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New Product News: Red or Dead Release First Perfume

I can’t believe it’s taken this iconic British brand to create their first perfume! I’m so excited though, I’ve been such a fan of Red or Dead for ages. I’m managed to get hold of some information and images of this exciting new product launch. I just love the design and the advert and would […]

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Vintage Style Swimwear

Personally I’m not usually a swimwear wearer, I don’t like being in public in that few clothes, I find it very strange. However, after the trauma of trying to buy swimwear for a family holiday a few years ago I am very pleased to see an increase in vintage inspired swimwear styles available from both […]

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