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Showing Off En Pointe in My New Land’s End Dress

I couldn’t think of a more suitable title, it’s been a while since I did an outfit post. I like this title as it sums up perfectly this (slightly indulgent & potentially embarrassing) self portraits that I took this week. I’ve been really nervous about posting these photos too, as it has been a long time […]

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Current Love: Illamasqua Make-Up

  My first self portrait for a long time, I’ve take this one to show off my lovely new lipstick from my current brand love, Illasmasqua. This blog will be reviewing three Illamasqua products that I own: Encounter lipstick, 4 Colour Liquid Metal palette (from A/W 10) and Throb nail polish. I’ve been a regular customer at […]

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Self Portrait Number One

I’ve decided that I really want to get onto being creative again, in any way that I can find possible. One way of which is to combine my modelling, photography and fashion interests by creating some self portraits! I’ve had a remote for my little Nikon D40 for some time, but have not often put […]

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