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How the Internet Changed Friendship…

Remember when you used to see your best friend pretty much everyday? Remember, when if you made a plan you had to stick to it because you didn’t have mobile phones to keep in constant contact? When you used to chat on the phone at least once a week? Remember sending dumb text messages just because you could? Do you remember chatting over all your problems over popcorn and a movie at a sleepover? I could go on and on.


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Digital Detox…

My generation is in this weird situation for the first time in history, we are the first generation that has grown up with the internet. The next generation (the kids born in the mid-late 90s and onwards) have always known the internet, some of them will never know the sweet sound of a dial up tone or the joy of nailing HTML on your MySpace profile. Some would say we’re privileged to have the world at our fingertips, but I’d like to question it right now.

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Awesome Examples of Brands on Social Media

Since I’ve gone freelance officially this week as a social media and blogger relations consultant (among other things, read more here) I thought it would be nice to start featuring a few posts about the industry in which I work and have been working in for over four years officially. So, here’s a social media […]

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Guest Blog: Careers Advice with Lizzie

So, whilst I’m eating macarons in Paris with my hubby, I thought I’d hand you over to some guest bloggers for a few days. Today I’ve got professional journalist Lizzie Cernik and Baggage Girl blogger to share with you some of her tips for job hunting in the modern world, if you haven’t already thought […]

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What’s So Great About Social Media Anyway?

For anyone who doesn’t know already, I just love my social media and have been lucky enough to make it my career as well as my hobby. I’m sure many of you will agree that social media has become somewhat an essential part of life now, for individuals and brands alike. My thoughts being that […]

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