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Was Suicide Squad Actually as Bad as Everyone is Saying?

The original title for this blog was “Was Suicide Squad Actually Shit?”, but I changed it because I thought I’d be a little more polite in my title. Anyway, first off I want to have a rant about how frustrating it is to have something you’ve been SO stoked about to be ruined within days of its launch because of the internet. Thanks internet for putting a massive downer on my excitement and making me reluctant to even go and see the damn film. It’s not like I can avoid all the comments and negative reviews either, I work on the internet, I see this shit all day long.


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Did Suicide Squad steal style from Die Antwoord?

Random blog from me I know, not on topic usually but who cares, it’s my blog and it’s my creative outlet so I’ll write what I want when I feel like it. Today, this news story got me thinking and chatting on Twitter so I thought it was worth a (not so) little post to discuss this story and the issues with claiming ownership over certain creative ideas or looks. I’ve not seen Suicide Squad myself just yet, but I’m very excited to and adore the styling of both Die Antwoord and the Suicide Squad characters. So here’s what happened…


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