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Reasons to be Cheerful in December

This is a new type of post, which I’m hoping will add some variety and personality to my blog. In the modern world, with all its stresses, sometimes it’s hard to appreciate the small things. I know for me, the recent dark and gloomy weather has really impacted on my mood. So, in a attempt […]

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True Blood Merlotte’s Waitress Costume

I’m back! I’ve been really busy lately with work and with family. I’ve not had time to do any blog photos or much of my usual research, so thought I’d bring you a fun, Polyvore inspired blog post today. I’m currently having True Blood withdrawal symptoms having just finished watching series five online, which was […]

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Random Release: Sephora Tarte True Blood Make Up Collection

I just stumbled upon this whilst browsing the wonderful Sephora site. (I really wish we had Sephora in the UK, it’s totally the best make up shop ever) Anyway, how random is this? Make Up brand Tarte, have teamed up with HBO television show, True Blood (a show I’m obsessed with!), working with the head […]

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