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#VEDA Day Three and Day Four: The Interviews

Day three and four of #VEDA as part of #BattenVEDA was all about interviews, on day three, I interviewed my boyfriend Miz about his band, Grayscale and on day four, he interviewed me with some general interest questions. Really enjoying making these little videos and it makes me excited about being able to update my […]

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#VEDA Day Two- My Boyfriend Does My Make Up

So, for day two of VEDA I cheated a bit and edited a video that I recorded a few weeks ago with Miz. In a mission to kick start my YouTube channel again, we thought it would be a bit of fun to do a video together and this one seemed like a good idea […]

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#VEDA Day One- Skull & Heart Exhibition, Brick Lane

My pal Steph, from Steph’s Bubble insanely managed to get me to agree to attempt #VEDA this month (Vlog Every Day April) as part of her #BattenVEDA team, I already fail at day one and two, so pleased to finally release day three! As some of you know, I’ve had a rather bad trap record […]

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