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Vintage Style Hair Cut at Betty Lou, Preston Road, Brighton

So, I’ve been living in Brighton for about a month now, pretty much as soon as I got here I knew I needed to find a hairdresser pronto! Although I’ve gotten quite confident at trimming my own Bettie bangs with Miz’s clippers, the ends of my hair were starting to look quite ratty and although […]

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Paul & Joe Eyebrow Liner Pencil in 02 Review

You know I love eyebrows right? I’m always on a mission to perfect my eyebrow filling in technique, they are so important to finishing my make up look, since I’m so fair, if I don’t add some colour to them it looks like I have none. For blondes, it’s quite difficult to find a eyebrow […]

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Illustrated Printed Dresses by Poppy

I’m so pleased that I’ve stumbled upon this brand, I found them because they followed me on Twitter and tweeted me to say hi! How great is Twitter? Anyway, Poppy originally made childrens dresses, knitwear and accessories, beautifully illustrated with the characters, Poppy and her dog, Fred. Each season the prints tell a story with […]

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