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Time After Time 1979 Time Travel Movie Featured on CMK by Jayne Kitsch Written by Misael Trujillo

A Complete Guide to Time Travel Movies

Newtonian laws of physics. Quantum Mechanics. Hyperspace. The curvature of space or spacetime. A wormhole. Those words will either have you scratching your head in puzzlement or bouncing up and down with excitement. I mean, the word quantum alone would generally have sent me running for the hills, physics; in fact science as a whole, […]

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Best Foreign Language Films You Can Watch on Netflix

Since I spent over three years of my life studying cinema, I’m used to watching a variety of genres and films in many different languages. I’ve written 4000 word articles about French New Wave. I’ve spent a significant amount of time watching German silent movies from the 1920s because I loved the set and costume […]

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8 Things to Watch if You Loved Netflix's Black Mirror

If you haven’t watched Netflix’s Black Mirror series yet, what are you doing?! This is essential watching for any true TV or film buff, even if it doesn’t sound like your thing. I was a late comer to the series, after struggling to get through the pig episode of the original British produced series. However, […]

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