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Stuff That Happened in 2015…

As is my annual tradition around this time of year I’m taking a moment to review the year that’s come to a close and look back at what made it awesome, what I achieved and other glorious things, I’ve pulled together some highlights in photos to share with you too. Overall, it’s nice to say that this year has been fairly chilled for the first time in a long while, after everything went tits up about 3 years ago, I finally feel like I’ve got some kind of normality and stability back, although certainly not in the conventional sense.

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Stuff that Happened in 2014

So, in the style of previous years, I’m going to do another post reviewing the year that is about to come to a close, much in the style of the Facebook Year in Review app, but less shit. 2013 was eventful, that was the year of change and you can read all about it here. […]

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